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Founded in 1994, by Sifu Doug Ullrich, the Saskatoon School of Kung Fu has been growing steadily in student enrolment and achievement.


The Saskatoon School of Kung Fu started out as a once a week, half hour course that shared time with a Jiu-jitsu class at the Lakewood Civic Center.  It has since expanded into a two times per week program which has moved into its own facility located at 309 38th Street East.


The school is well appointed with many traditional and modern training tools such as several Mook Jong (wooden dummies), mirrors, heavy bags, speed bag, double ended and reflex bags, kick pads, focus pads, and a fully matted training surface on sprung floors.


Classes begin with warm ups and stretching, and includes forms practice, individual and partner drills, then usually finishes with Chi Sau or other related drills for skill development.


Class sizes are limited to ensure a quality training environment for all students.



Chi Sau


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